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TrenDir 家庭装饰时尚杂志

TrenDir 家庭装饰时尚杂志是一个有专业的室内设计师Lillian Pikus创办的基于室内装修创意分享的博客网站,每天更新室内设计趋势,最新设计里面和国际市场的室内设计动态资源。


TrenDir:家庭装饰时尚杂志是一个有专业的室内设计师Lillian Pikus创办的基于室内装修创意分享的博客网站,每天更新室内设计趋势,最新设计里面和国际市场的室内设计动态资源。

Lillian Pikus拥有资深的行业经验,她管理过很多的项目,从设计到安装实施,接触过不同的客户和各种室内风格,凭借自己的经验和阅历,用户可以从他的推荐内容里挖掘更多的室内装修资源。

he is maintained by a professional interior designer Lillian Pikus. Lillian is a full house designer who handles multiple projects at the time. She manages every project to completion - from a design concept to an installation.

She deals with different levels of customers on a daily basis, and a variety of interior styles - traditional, transitional, contemporary and commercial. To satisfy her customers' needs, she carefully watches the latest design trends and keeps her portfolio of the latest products up-to-date. This website is the reflection of her long-term experience and ongoing market and new products research.